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Thanks, Kruti!!  I am very appreciative of everything that you've done for me ever since the first time we met in your office.  I don't think you realize how much of a positive impact you've had on me over the years. I really feel like I couldn't have done it without your help!  ~T

"Ms. Quazi is an incredibly compassionate, warm-hearted woman who deeply takes an interest in her patients lives and feelings.  She is very wise and gives valuable, sound advice which is always very helpful.  She is so down to earth and realistic, which is an intangible quality not found in most counselors.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to help out, even if it means staying ten minutes over the session.  I highly recommend her, without any reservation!  Kruti is the very best!  I am confident that her future patients will love her as I do, simply because she is so easy to relate to and easy to open up to.  She is non-judgmental in nature, and I found that you can get a lot accomplished in just one session with her!  She strives to heal the person, not just help the symptoms.  Overall, I give her a 10/10.  She is my favorite therapist I have ever visited!"  ~B

Thank you so much for everything.   I truly, deeply appreciate and value your advice.  You are the kindest, most heart-warming person I know!!!  

I cherish everything you have done for me and am glad you have seen me progress and find happiness in my life again. ~BM

"Wow!  Ms. Kruti has been an amazing counselor to me. If it wasn't for her I would have probably flunked out of school. She has given me that extra push, which was well needed. I would definitely recommend her service. You will walk in feeling one way and walk out feeling another.  She's a great ear, advisor, mentor, and down to earth person. You won't regret it!"  ~T​

"Kruti is really someone I felt I could open up to from day one. While I found a lot of open and welcoming places on campus, there was something about each and every session that made me want to push myself to open up a little more, and in simply listening to me, Kruti helped me realize things about myself that I probably would have never noticed. It's hard to believe I was nervous to begin these appointments, because I can't seem to remember how I managed without them! "  ~A​

For the first time, it felt like I was getting somewhere! I can't emphasize how much I really like you as my counselor. You're such a warm person and a great counselor that can get deep with me - I feel like that is really what I think I've needed. Mucho kudos  Ms. Kruti. ~M

"I have known Kruti for eight years now. I met her my freshmen year of high school. Kruti is an incredibly organized and efficient therapist. She is incredibly kind and hardworking. I can recount a number of times where she took time to listen to my issues and give advice .  I would recommend her as a counselor." ~E

"I met Mrs. Quazi through her work helping out with some after school activities at my school. She has always been enthusiastic and willing to help with anything that we need no matter what. She is so great with all us kids that some of us call her mama! Earlier this year my friend and I went through a really hard time and Mama Quazi was there to help out. She gave us some great resources to consider when dealing with our problem and served as a great sounding board for listening to our problems. She also gave some great advice. Even though she has never been my official counselor I know she would make a great one and I would definitely trust her with anything." ~C

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